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Online Pre-Licensure BSN Program

Prepare for and pass standardized exams and transfer the credit toward your Western Governors University Online Pre-Licensure BSN degree.  Click below for course details and to purchase your test prep packages.


Important Note:  WGU is currently recruiting students for programs in California, Texas, Florida, Indiana and Utah only.


Language and Communication - 6CUs Required

  • English Comp (4CUs)*  Learn More
  • Public Speaking (2CUs)*  Learn More  

Literature, Arts and Humanities - 4CUs Required

  • Ethics (2CUs)  Learn More   
  • World Religion (2 CUs)  Learn More   
  • American Literatire (2 CUs)  Learn More   
  • English Literature (2 CUs)  Learn More   
  • Art of the Western World (2 CUs)  Learn More   
  • Analysis of Literature (2 CUs)  Learn More   
  • Humanities (2 CUs)  Learn More   

Ouantitative Literacy - 6CUs Required

  • Statistics (3CUs)*  Learn More   
  • College Algebra (3 CUs)*  Learn More   

Behavorial Social Sciences - 9CUs Required

  • Intro to Educational Psychology (3 CUs)  Learn More   
  • Psychology (3 CUs)  Learn More   
  • Abnormal Psychology (3 CUs)  Learn More   
  • Sociology (3 CUs)  Learn More   
  • Human Growth & Development (3 CUs)  Learn More   
  • Life Span Psychology (3 CUs)  Learn More   

Science - 15CUs Required

  • Nutrition (3 CUs) - Available through WGU
  • Biochemistry (3 CUs) - Available through WGU  
  • Anatomy & Physiology (6CUs)  Learn More   
  • Anatomy & Physiology Lab (2 CUs) - Available through WGU
  • Microbiology (3 CUs)  - Available through WGU

*Required Courses


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